Thursday, April 10, 2008

Before Triptych

Before Triptych, this image was produced before the Triptych concept became part of the series. In this image the fish have the faces characteristic of people rather than fish. I was playing with the concept of what a fish is through the eyes of humans. If you look at the other drawings you can find hidden human faces or parts in the drawings. Again alluding to our concept of these creatures. Also as all creatures move through the medium they live in they leave a wake as a record of their path through life. Some are more obvious than the trails of others. The kelp like water vines are a beginning of that symbolism in this drawing. This theme can be found in most of these drawing.


bellerose said...

was just going thru ur blog.. loved the way u have potrayed the innocence of these fishes.. luved ur paintings.. i paint myself.. will certainly learn sumthg thru ur paintings..

bellerose said...

hey was just going thru ur blog.. luved the way u potrayed the innocence of these fishes.. im certainly going to learn a lot thru ur paintings..